About Me

I have been drawn to photography for much of my life. Way back in the era of negatives and Kodachrome, I had Nikon in hand, photographing pets and their owners, doing in-studio portraiture, and whiling away the time photographing everything that came into my view. I then added motion to my through-the-lens-experience, garnering a degree in Cinematography as part of the Masters program of the American Film Institute. While I loved film, the realization that the camera equipment was bigger than I was prompted me to explore options in business, which ultimately involved private and retail business ownership and a degree in Finance from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Sandwiched between business ownership was my fascination with changing technologies, which led to a decade and a half in Computer Programing.


The launching of the digital age has allowed me to triumvirate my professional life, combining …

  • My passion for capturing wildlife, landscapes, people, and places in evocative ways that touch on the essence of the subject
  • My intrigue with the photographic technologies, techniques and software allow me to continuously fine tune her ever-expanding repertoire, turning technology into art
  • And my love of business and the opportunity it brings to share my work and artistry

Colorado offers an ever-changing backdrop of photographic opportunities, as do the many travel adventures through Asia, Africa, and Latin America that now fill my life.

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