About Maria Rudolph

Maria has been drawn to photography for much of her life. Way back in the era of negatives and Kodachrome, Maria had camera in hand, photographing pets and their owners, doing in-studio portraiture, and whiling away the time photographing everything that came into her view. She then added motion to her through-the-lens-experience, garnering a degree in Cinematography as part of the Masters program of the American Film Institute. While she loved film, the realization that the camera equipment was bigger than she was prompted her to explore options in business, which ultimately involved private and retail business ownership and a degree in Finance from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Sandwiched between business ownership was Maria’s fascination with changing technologies, which led to a decade and a half in Computer Programing.

The launching of the digital age has allowed Maria to triumvirate her professional life, combining …

  • Her passion for capturing wildlife, landscapes, people, and places in evocative ways that touch on the essence of the subject
  • Her intrigue with the photographic technologies, techniques and software allow her to continuously fine tune her ever-expanding repertoire, turning technology into art
  • And her love of business and the opportunity it brings to share her work and artistry

Colorado offers an ever-changing backdrop of photographic opportunities, as do the many travel adventures through Asia, Africa, and Latin America that now fill Maria’s life.